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Side business growth strategies article

How to Quickly Scale Your Side Business: With 5 Growth Strategies

Your side business can be a fun profitable project that you do during weekends, but what if you want more? This article shows you how to take your side business from "part-time gig" to full-time success.

How to launch a side business quickly article

How to Launch Your Side Business in Record Time

When it comes to your side business idea, launching it quickly could make the difference between your business thriving or dying. Since you can’t work on it full time, it’s easy to lose momentum. This guide shows you how to get started and keep going until launch day.

How to handle fear of rejection in sales article

How to Overcome Your Fear of Sales and Rejection

Everything from your profits to the effectiveness of your marketing relies on your ability to sell. But just because you’re an entrepreneur or a freelancer, it doesn’t mean that you look forward to selling.

Profitable article

How to Identify Profitable Clients: A Step-by-Step Guide - Tuts+ Business Tutorial

If there’s anything that keeps freelancers up at night, it’s the feast-or-famine cycle. Here's how to break it by identifying and finding more profitable clients. | Difficulty: Intermediate; Length: Medium; Tags: Freelance, Finance, Income, Clients, Sales...

Handshake article

Preparing for Client Negotiations: The Complete Guide - Tuts+ Business Tutorial

Negotiating isn’t about saying magic words that can hypnotize clients into paying higher rates or giving a raise—yet many freelancers approach client negotiation with either fear or distaste. Using this step-by-step guide, you'll feel more confident to negotiate with incoming clients, to ask for a raise with current ones, or...

How to Impress Clients With a Monthly Value Report - Tuts+ Business Article

If someone came up to your clients and asked them, "What is that freelancer doing for you?" what do you think your client will say? Will they sing your praises or scratch their heads and wonder why they hired you in the first place?

While your clients can check...

The 5-Step Approach to Gathering and Using Client Testimonials - Tuts+ Business Article

We all know that as freelancers, we should get testimonials for our work - yet most of us are hesitant about doing so.

In a previous post, James Chartrand pointed out the importance of social proof in the form of reviews or testimonials. According to Chartrand, they can help...

How to Get More Clients Faster With Templates - Tuts+ Business Article

No matter how well you plan, there will be times when you'll need more clients. During the "famine" periods of your feast and famine cycle, the best thing you can do is cut this time as short as possible.

To do this, you need a system for contacting...