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The Content Strategist

Are Podcasts the Next Big Thing for Sponsored Content?

As more people get into the podcasting experience through popular programs like "Serial," "This American Life," and Bill Simmons's "B.S. Report," it's worth asking the question: Could podcasts be the next big territory for sponsored content?...

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The Content Strategist

Does Your Brand Newsroom Need a Robot Writer?

If you’ve spent any time reading on the web the past week, odds are you’ve read something written by a robot—and you didn’t even realize it. But what are the limitations of robot writers? And can they help your brand newsroom?...

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The Content Strategist

7 Content Marketing Metrics You’re Probably Undervaluing | The Content Strategist, by Contently

7 Content Marketing Metrics You’re Probably Underva...

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The Content Strategist

The Science of Email: This New Report Is Sure to Help You Engage ...

The Science of Email: This New Report Is Sure to He...

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The Content Strategist

3 Content Formats That Are About to Take Off (And Be Abused)

Everyone is afraid to be left behind. That’s why most brand publishers and marketers try to pay extra attention to trends and predictions. No one wants to be the last to know about that new technology that could be a game changer, which hot new tool can help them “go viral,” and what bells and whistles can help them gain more social shares.

But that’s also why they fail.

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The Content Strategist

How Buffer's Blog Posts Get Shared Thousands of Times | The ...

How Buffer's Blog Posts Get Shared Thousands of Tim...

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The Content Strategist

How Red Bull, AmEx and Dove Win By Proudly Branding Their ...

How Red Bull, AmEx and Dove Win By Proudly Branding...

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The Content Strategist

99 Years of Content Marketing: How American Express Became a ...

99 Years of Content Marketing: How American Express...

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The Content Strategist

Carrot Creative Leads the Employer Storytelling Revolution

Hit the play button and you see sweeping shots of New York, followed by the bright, colorful interiors of an office; later, a sledgehammer cracking a hole in a wall and a man jumps out of it, growling fiercely.

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The Content Strategist

Should Brands Spend Millions to Underwrite Other People’s Content?

Even though underwritten content contains a bit of branding, the publishers retain their editorial independence. So, how exactly does this arrangement work, and what are brands getting out of it?...

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The Content Strategist

Scaling: How to Grow Up From a Brand Blog to a Brand Publisher

Welcome to the latest post in our Contently Labs series, where we answer common questions we hear from current or prospective brand publishers. Today’s question: “How do you scale from being a brand blog to a true brand publisher?”...

The Content Strategist

How Amex Turned Small Business Saturday Into a Storytelling Machine

With immersive, multimedia narratives about local businesses, American Express is taking Small Business Saturday to the next level....

The Content Strategist

How to Get a Bigger Content Budget in 2015

The most effective marketers' budgets for content are twice as big as those of less effective marketers. Here's what you should know to get a bigger—better—content budget this year....

The Content Strategist

Can Content Marketing Save Fannie Mae’s Rep?

Fannie Mae's reputation was rocked in 2009, but now they're trying to fight back, with content marketing as part of their arsenal. Can they succeed?...

The Content Strategist

5 Brands That Boosted Their Traffic With Content-Focused Redesigns

How did Neil Patel double QuickSprout's traffic in just a couple of months? This content-focused design trick....